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A Happy Insurance Claim Story

My heart was gladdened when I saw a post from leading insurer AIG that has been well circulated in the media recently. Basically, a couple had their first child who was sadly born profoundly deaf recently. Now, against the judgment of some family members, the father of the child had bought life cover with some critical illness cover included. 

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Your income protection to the max

Insurers pay out a whopping £13.9 million per day in income protection, critical illness cover and life assurance according to figures released by the Association of British Insurers and Group Risk Development.

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Buying a home is cheaper than renting!

In a time where getting a first step onto the property ladder seems harder than ever, it may come as a surprise that owning a home is actually cheaper than renting in nearly two thirds of Britain. Who’d have thought it!?

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Income protection

Are you one of the 81% of Brits that have no income protection in place? According to the latest State of the protection Nation report from Royal London, Britain is incredibly underprepared in the event of long-term sickness, accident or ill health.

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