Is PAT testing a Legal Requirement for Holiday Lets?

Is PAT testing a Legal Requirement for Holiday Lets?

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There is no legal requirement to have all your electrical items in your holiday let PAT tested, but it’s fair to say the story does not end there. We want all our holiday cottage owners to have complete peace of mind and we want then to do all they can to ensure their guests are safe. 

For those of you unfamiliar with what a PAT tester does, they carry out more than a visual inspection of all electrical appliances and electrical installations in the holiday home or cottage. What looks good to the untrained eye may not be safe. They may well leave a label on each appliance to show it has been checked, is in good working order and is safe to use. 

Use a qualified PAT tester

There is no law currently to say a PAT test is mandatory but you as a holiday let owner have a legal obligation and duty of care to make sure that an electrical appliance is in a proper and safe condition for use by your guests. This would suggest that the best way forward is to invite a qualified PAT tester in the quiet season to carry out an electrical inspection and have the appliances checked in your holiday let property. 

Just as a risk assessment needs to carried out for all matters fire safety then it makes good sense for each of your properties to have an annually completed and signed risk assessment for all electrical and gas appliances and ensure gas safety and electrical safety certificates are up to date. 

To lose your holiday let or injure a guest because of a faulty washing machine or toaster could cause you a lot stress, money and worry. It is also important to act on observation made by a guest. They may report the smell of gas or trouble with an appliance. Action should be taken as soon as possible to minimize risk. 

Please bear in mind it goes with the territory that a holiday property will get more wear and tear than a normal residential home. Over 50% of all home fires are caused by electricity faults so it makes good common sense to get a professional in to check all electrical equipment and testing should be carried out at least once a year.